🎙️ Podcasting in Africa, the challenges, and opportunities

In the tenth edition of Communique, we look comprehensively at the state of podcasting in Africa right now, the factors contributing to it, and its opportunities for African creators.

Hello and welcome to the tenth edition (eleventh, if you count the introductory post) of this newsletter. This month makes it a year since I started publishing.

I’ve decided to try something new going forward, inspired by one of my favourite newsletters, Simon Owens’s Media Newsletter. If you’re looking for the actual essay, it’s already been published here. But before you click to read, hear me out.

You will now get a curated email that includes the link to the main essay for the month and links to other interesting things I read while researching. This way, you can read about the subject at your own pace and have more context 😊.

Here is the main essay.

Can podcasts scale in Africa?

Despite being around for more than 20 years, podcasts have still not caught on in Africa. The industry is already worth over $11 billion, but that value is not evenly shared. In this edition of Communique, we take a deep dive into the factors that contribute to the state of podcasting and look at a roadmap for how we can grow the audience here.

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Here are other things I read

The rise of the podcast adaptation

Question: What can be gained from turning a successful podcast into a film or television series?

A lot, it turns out.

We’re entering the era of big podcasting

Vulture writes about the global growth of podcasting: “A lot has happened in the brief history of podcasting (so far). What started as a quiet digital backwater is now increasingly growing in prominence, drawing the attention of audiences and moneyed interests alike.”

Telling Africa’s story: The future is podcasts

From Mail and Guardian: “For the most part, it seems that the podcast bug has not yet bitten Africa, especially compared with the volume of podcasts coming out of Europe and the United States, where it seems that everyone and their cousin has a podcast or is thinking of starting one.”

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