What’s Communiqué about?

Communiqué is a publication analysing the media in Africa. It takes narrow and broad views of the industry, drawing connections between all its moving parts, and examining how it influences and is influenced by the economy, culture, and technology.

About the author, David I. Adeleke

I am a writer, communications strategist, and media analyst. I am Head of Communications for Eko Atlantic City, the largest real estate project in Africa, and a contributing editor at African Tech Roundup.

My work explores technology, media, culture, the digital economy and the factors that influence how people think, live and do business.

In my previous roles, I was the Editor at Business Insider Sub-Saharan Africa, Copy Editor at Ventures Africa, columnist at Techpoint, and editor at TechCabal.com.

I am a Media and Journalism Fellow with the Charles Koch Institute. I hold a degree in Mass Communication from Covenant University and a certificate in Storytelling for Modern Media from Yale University.

Visit my website to learn more about my work.